Tips and Tricks to Handle a Hilux Battery Tray

Every car needs a battery to run and most automobile batteries are made of a combination of lead and acid. While this has been largely seen as an improvement that improves the life and functioning of a car battery, there have been many downsides to it as well.

One of the biggest problems with this kind of battery is that they increase the corrosion of the underlying metal. Typically, acid leaks from this battery with prolonged use, and this acid can corrode the metal area surrounding the battery. Moreover, the battery releases hydrogen gas, that in turn, reacts with the atmospheric air to quicken the pace of erosion. Add the elements of moisture and salt to the equation and it makes the situation worse.

Depending on the area you live, the type of battery, and the frequency of your car use, you may have to watch out for the signs of corrosion. In general, if you live in a humid place, the chances for corrosion is high as opposed to a place with a relatively dry climate.

Now, you may think why in the world does corrosion matter to you. When the corrosion happens, it impacts the underlying battery tray as that’s the first piece of metal that is constantly in contact with the battery. When you see the first signs of corrosion, you have to change it right away and replace it with a new Hilux battery tray. If you fail to do that, the existing battery tray may crumble out completely, after which, the rust will start developing on your radiator and possibly even the chassis, if left unattended. When this happens, your repair will run into thousands of dollars.

Why go through so much when you can replace it with a new Hilux battery tray? It is an inexpensive and proactive solution that can preserve the life of your car’s battery and the surrounding metal.

Now that you know why you need a Hilux battery tray, let’s see some tips and tricks to handle it well.

Tips and Tricks To Handling a Hilux Battery Tray

Handling a Hilux battery tray is a no-brainer and doesn’t require a ton of skills. Still, it is good to know some dos and don’ts to get a more lasting and problem-free experience. 

Look for Signs

The signs of corrosion are always there, you should just know where to look. Here are some signs that tell you that it is time to buy a Hilux battery ray and replace it.

  • Flaking paint
  • The build-up of white powder
  • Scaling on the sides
  • Rust powder beneath a parked car
  • Presence of rust on battery terminals
  • An undercharging battery that shows that rust is on the left terminal
  • Overcharging battery that shows that the rust is on the right side

Thus, these signs tell you that your Hilux battery tray needs a replacement at the earliest and you have to address it right away.

Repairing your Hilux Battery Tray

One of the first questions that can come to your mind, especially if you’re new to car parts and their working is, can you replace them? After all, we can clean a rusted item at home, spray it with rust paint, and ensure that it lasts for a longer time. Can we do the same with a Hilux battery tray?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. When you notice the first signs of corrosion, you’ll have to remove your battery and check the tray. If you see that it has corroded mildly, maybe you can push it for a bit longer. In other words, you can replace the Hilux battery tray after maybe a few weeks or months depending on the rate of corrosion and the existing levels. But beyond that, there’s nothing much you can do. 

You will have to replace the worn-out tray with a new Hilux battery tray as there is no other way to fix it. Your only option is to decide whether you want to buy now or a few weeks later, that’s it.

This is important to ensure that your damage is limited to the battery tray alone and doesn’t extend beyond it to the radiator or the chassis, which could cost you a lot of money.

Probably, your best bet in this situation is to check if your Hilux battery tray is powder-coated, so it can last for a longer time than the previous one. But beyond that, there’s really nothing much you can do.

Installing your Hilux Battery Tray

Installing your Hilux battery tray is a simple process. All that you have to do is remove the old tray and replace it with the new Hilux battery tray. Of course, you need the right tools and knowledge for it. Though it is not a tough task, you should know where to look for. In case, you don’t know or have never done it before, consider taking professional help. Also, avoid doing this work if you have respiratory problems or any allergies as inhaling rust can make it worse. 

Also, if you decide to do it by yourself, watch out for rusty bolts that hold the batteries to the tray. When they are rusty, unscrewing may be difficult and you may have to break it with a tool and replace it with a new pair of bolts.

While replacing the Hilux battery tray, also assess the damage beyond the tray. Look at the surrounding areas and the underlying radiator to check if they have been damaged too. If so, assess the extent of the damage and see if they need to be replaced as well.


Overall, a Hilux battery tray is essential to ensure that the acid leaking from the batteries does not damage the important parts of your car. Since these battery trays bear the brunt of the leak and the corrosion that comes with it, they have to be replaced from time to time. While this is easy, there are some aspects that you should keep in mind and the above-mentioned tips and tricks can go a long way in ensuring that you can safely replace your Hilux battery tray to ensure that there is minimal damage to other parts of your car.